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Business Insurance

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Commercial Insurance & Bonds


When looking for business insurance, most businesses find that checking insurance either every renewal period or every other renewal period is a good practice.


This practice provides a form of checks and balances system. Your agent should be contacting you on a regular basis to ensure that you are still covered properly.


What should you expect?


At the Carl Konz Agency, you can expect the following from your agent:

  • Thorough Review
    A thorough review of your policies prior to renewal to ensure that all discounts have been applied, and coverage is accurate to the property you are insuring.

  • Regular Contact
    Routine calls from your agent throughout the policy period to check if you have acquired any new property or replaced any existing property.

  • Educated Agents
    Extensive knowledge of the business you are in as it relates to insurance from the agents you will work with.

  • Risk Management
    Extensive knowledge from your agent of risk management as it is associated with your business and the insurance you have.

  • “Whole Picture” Approach
    Review of bonds, license renewals, umbrella, certificates of insurance, binders, and loss payees

  • Service You Deserve
    A prompt response to all requests, and a courteous and supporting staff.


We do not pretend to know every aspect of your business, but we do know how to insure the risk associated with your business. Contact us to find out more about commercial insurance and bonds.

Is Your Business Risk Properly Covered?


Do you recognize the risk in your organization that is not adequately mitigated?


Are you confident that you have recognized all of the risk that your industry presents to your company?


Allow an agent at Carl Konz Agency to walk you through the risk maze and provide you with a solution that you can be confident in.

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