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Life & Annuities

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Are you and your family protected in the event of a death that would create a financial hardship for your loved ones?


Most of our clients purchase term life insurance when they purchase or refinance a home. This can cover the cost of the mortgage and lost income that may result in the event of the death of an income contributing household member. Other clients will choose more permanent protection, such as a Universal Life or Whole Life policy. Contact one of our licensed agents and let us help you determine which policy best fits your needs.


Another form of long term protection can be investments. Some of us have no problem watching our investments bounce up and down from day to day, while others are more conservative investors such as those nearing retirement who generally cannot withstand short-term volatility within their portfolios. In these cases our clients have found that an annuity can be a valuable investment tool. There are multiple types of annuities that are available through Carl Konz Agency:

Fixed Rate Annuities

Fixed Rate Annuities are annuities that guaranty that a specific sum of money will be paid in the future, usually as monthly income, to an annuitant. For example, a $1000-a-month income benefit will be paid as long as the annuitant lives; the dollar amount will not fluctuate regardless of adverse changes in the insurance company’s mortality experience, investment return, and expenses.


Indexed Annuities

Indexed Annuities are annuities whose interest earnings during the Accumulation Period are linked to rises in a stock index. Such contracts have a return that guarantees principal, so they can offer upside potential and downside protection. They sometimes come with a Cap and usually have early withdrawal penalties.


Long Term Care

Did you know that Long Term Care can be built into your life insurance policy? Contact an agent at Carl Konz Agency to learn about the benefits of this solution.


To find out more about Life Insurance and Investments strategies, contact one of our agents for more information.

Exchange an old annuity or life insurance policy for Long-Term Care insurance


To learn more, see what Elder Law Answers has to say about the subject.


For even more detail contact an agent, and an informed agent will answer your questions.

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