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Personal Insurance


Personal insurance is the coverage that people are most familiar with, yet there are still a lot of questions that you should be asking.


Contact an agent to find out how those questions can be answered.


Common Questions When Purchasing

The common questions asked at the time of purchasing insurance are:


  • Why do I need uninsured and underinsured insurance?

  • What is an umbrella policy?

  • Why should I have life insurance if I am only 28?

  • Why should I buy insurance with high limits?

  • Why is this company’s insurance more expensive than the other one?

Common Questions Asked After A Loss

Unfortunately, many people find themselves asking common questions after experiencing a loss. A policy that accurately assesses risk will help you avoid having to ask these questions:


  • Where do I live since we can’t live in the burned down house?

  • What do you mean you won’t pay for new personal property?

  • If I am involved in an accident, who will pay to repair my car?

  • If I am not at fault and the other driver didn’t have insurance, how will I get my car fixed?

  • What if the dog bites the mail man?

  • I thought I had theft coverage, why can I only get $1,500 for my $5,000 ring?

  • Will my insurance rates go up after an accident?


The Solution

The licensed agents at Carl Konz Agency are qualified and knowledgeable of the coverage you need to protect your loved ones. We strive to make sure that you are not asking stressful questions when an accident occurs. We can tailor a personal insurance package that will fit you and the needs of your family and loved ones.


Anyone can put a policy together, but is that good enough for you? Very few people leave the house thinking “today is a good day for an accident.” Our agents will look into the future, assess potential risk, and address that risk in a policy tailored to your needs.

Did you know that you can save money with your insurance purchasing choice?

Find out how much you can save right now by contacting an agent at Carl Konz Agency.

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